Shopping bags

Shopping bags with design of customers own.

T-shirt bags, standard sizes

“volume size”dimensionscolourpackaging
13L60+230+60 x 500white500 pcs/box
20L75+270+75 x 550white500 pcs/box
25L85+300+85 x 550white500 pcs/box
30L85+300+85 x 600white500 pcs/box
40L90+320+90 x 640white500 pcs/box



Carrier bags. Standard sizes.

250 x 350blue1000 pcs/box
350 x 450+50PVwhite
400 x 500+50PVwhite
500 x 500+50PVwhite
500 x 500+50PVblue400 pcs/box
600 x 600+100PVwhite
700 x 600+100PVwhite
730 x 570+50PVwhite200 pcs/box